About Me

Born and raised in Toronto Canada, Robert’s creative life developed in the middle of the baby boom. His birth was the same year as the Hasselblad camera and rock & roll;  two of his favorite things.

He began his photographic career as an apprentice photographer in a large commercial advertising studio in Toronto. Working with some of the top photographers in all categories of advertising was an amazing experience, which would allow him to be a very diversified professional when he pursued his own photographic business.

After setting up several studios in the last 37 years in Toronto and West Palm Beach Florida, Robert is simplifying his life by having a small cottage studio in Muskoka,  just 2 hours north of Toronto. He is still available to his many clients in both countries balancing his world between the tropics and The Great white north. Between Palm trees and Maple trees, between Jimmy Buffett and Gordon Lightfoot, he is looking forward to the next great photo!